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Product Highlight: iL CANE Collection Twofer Towel

Product Highlight: iL CANE Collection Twofer Towel

Now this Twofer Towel bandana from iL CANE is a fashion statement!  The moment I saw it – I had to buy it. The hardest part was picking which color to buy! I decided to go with lilac for Camilla and true blue for Jasper.  However, there are several gorgeous colors available on the website including; turquoise, teal, sky blue, sand, pistachio, ink black, blush, cantaloupe and dove grey!  Very tempted to buy another …

Product Description:

Material:              100% Cotton, Authentic Turkish Towel

Price:                     $25.00 CAD

Dimensions:       60 cm x 54 cm

As the website mentions, Turkey is known for producing high quality cotton products.  The towels are as absorbent as traditional towels but take up less room, are lighter, dry very quickly and don’t trap sand.

This product got its name, the “Twofer Towel,” because it is a two in one (actually more than two).  The towel is super versatile and has many uses:

  • Scarf/ bandana
  • Wet in fridge and tie around dog’s neck for cooling effect
  • Beach towel/ blanket


Why we LOVE it:

I love that the Twofer Towel is so different from the typical dog bandana.  It is truly a show stopper! The fringe is adorable and the color options are great.

iL CANE recommends a specific way of tying the bandana so that the neck is adjustable.  Check out the video on their Instagram.

Although the Twofer Towel is a “towel,” it is super lightweight – it’s not like you’re not tying a traditional towel around your dog’s neck.  I will probably only be using it as a bandana but you never know when you might need a mini towel.  🙂

Camilla and Jasper have worn the Twofer Towels to the beach several times and have gotten them sufficiently dirty.  I’ve found that they dry super quickly and clean easily in the wash.  (Its recommended to wash in cold water wash, tumble dry on low or hang to dry.)

Besides the fact that the Twofer Towel looks amazing, I love that it comes from a local Vancouver company.  Plus, $1 from each Twofer Towel purchased goes towards the BC SPCA, which is awesome!

About the Company:

iL CANE is a Vancouver based company inspired by Sylvia’s two French Bulldogs, Georgia and Harlow.  In conjunction with iL CANE, Sylvia started Operation #GIVEAPAW to bring awareness to dog rescues, charities, and foundations around the world. You can find iL CANE products in several pet boutiques in Vancouver and of course online. 🙂

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