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Product Review: Hero Disc – Super Sonic 215

Product Review: Hero Disc – Super Sonic 215

Jasper started a weekly disc (Frisbee) class this past October so I decided to invest in some proper competitive dog discs.  At the recommendation of the disc instructor, I purchased the Super Sonic 215 for Jasper and the Super Atom 185 for Camilla from Hero Disc USA.

This article reviews Jasper’s Super Sonic 215.   If you’d like to see the review of Camilla’s Super Atom 185 click here!

You can also view some of Jasper’s disc tricks here!

Disc Use:

Jasper: 40 pound Miniature Australian Shepherd

I purchased two Super Sonic 215 discs about 6 months ago.  Jasper is a natural disc dog and he LOVES playing disc.  He is very disc driven and I consider him to have a pretty hard bite.  Since he’s in a weekly class, I’ve been consistently practicing with the discs a few days a week. I frequently use the discs to play tug as a reward.  I’ve used these two discs in the snow, in the rain, and at the beach (Note: they don’t float!).

20 pound Miniature Schnauzer

Although I purchased these discs for Jasper, I did try them out with Camilla because (SPOILER ALERT) she ruined her Super Atom 185 discs.


Super Sonic 215:

Product Description:  The Super Sonic 215 is the smaller, lighter version of the popular Super Hero 235 disc.  Hero Disc USA claims it is one of the most durable dog discs in this weight range on the market.  It adds distance to your throws compared to traditional dog discs, is extra durable, and puncture resistant.

Price: $13.99 USD

Size: 215mm/8.5 inches

Weight: 124(+/-2) grams

Color Options: It comes in “Candy” (translucent colors) and also “Taffy” (solid colors). There are 7+ different color options on the website.

Rating: 5 out of 5

Check out the comparison between Jasper’s orange Super Sonic 215 and Camilla’s pink Super Atom 185.  Jasper’s disc received much more use and held up better over the last 6 months.


Jasper and the Super Sonic:

These discs are great for medium/ large dogs!

Before purchasing, I tested out the Super Sonic 215 and the larger Super Hero 235.  I didn’t notice a performance difference in Jasper – he was able to catch both disc sizes without an issue.  Therefore, I went with my personal preference, the Super Sonic 215.  The disc fits perfectly in my hand and I much preferred the Super Sonic 215 size and weight.  The smaller size is particularly useful when holding multiple discs in one hand.

I’ve found that the disc is really easy to control and throw long distances.  I had no idea how much of a difference a higher quality “dog disc” would make in my throwing accuracy.  Particularly compared the red floppy Kong disc that Jasper loves so much – this disc is a dream to throw!  I’ve had some embarrassingly bad throws with that Kong disc …

I would really recommend investing in some higher quality discs for your dog, especially if your dog like to grab discs out of the air like Jasper.  If there’s one take away from all the disc classes we’ve done, it’s that the best way to prevent injury for your dog, is to have accurate throws.  Having a disc that is precise and predictable helps me control how high Jasper jumps and how safety he lands!

As you can see from the pictures, these discs have held up extremely well for the amount of use they received over the last 6 months.  I recently purchased a few more! 🙂

Camilla & the Super Sonic:

As previously mentioned, I tried out the Super Sonic 215 discs with Miss. Crocodile Camilla after she ruined her Super Atom 185 discs.   I found that the Super Sonic 215 was too big and heavy for Camilla to want to catch out of the air.  She had a great time chasing after the disc but she would let the disc hit the ground before picking it up.  I still used the disc to build her drive by throwing “rollers” and playing tug.  These discs held up to her bite!

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