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Max-Bone Hoodies

Max-Bone Hoodies
^ photo of @gillyandhugo from @themaxbone 


I love putting Camilla in wool sweaters in the winter but I never considered purchasing hoodies for Camilla & Jasper … until I saw these!  These hoodies are lightweight, making them more versatile than winter sweaters.

These hoodies are from Max-Bone, a company inspired by both fashion and the interior design industry.  My only concern, is the sizing for Jasper.  Max-Bone products are tailored to smaller dogs.  Their size extra large dimensions seem like it would fit Jasper, but the XL description is for “Small English Bulldog” which obviously has a different body shape then an Australian Shepherd.  You can check out the sizing chart here.

Aspen Hoodie


Aurora Hoodie

Product Description: This simple chic hoodie is lightweight and stretchy. All hoodies include a hole underneath the hood for leashes & harnesses.

Price: $55.00 USD

These are the patterns I would get for Jasper & Camilla!

What patterns do you like?
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