Exploring from sea to summit.

About Us

About Us

Beachcomber:  a person or animal who walks along beaches looking for items of value or interest.

Beachcomber Dogs is a pet lifestyle blog inspired by my two dogs’ adventures, exploring the coast and mountains in British Columbia, Canada.  The blog will highlight our outdoor excursions, product reviews, agility & trick training.

I know I’m biased, but Camilla and Jasper lead extremely active and interesting doggy lives.  They’ve dabbled in almost every possible dog sport, including: agility, disc, herding, barn hunt, nosework, flyball & dock diving.  They’ve auditioned for SuperDogs trick show and hiked some of the most beautiful trails in British Columbia.

Not only are they talented, but they are also stylish, sporting seasonal collars and accessories. My obsession with adorable yet functional pet products is to your benefit! 🙂

More about …

The human:

My name is Karolyn and I moved from Rhode Island to Vancouver, B.C. for graduate school three years ago & love the outdoor Vancouver lifestyle.  I always had a family dog growing up, but Camilla was the first dog I trained myself.  Dog training became a passion of mine and I took Camilla to multiple obedience classes before being introduced to the world of agility & dog sports.  When Jasper came along I found myself using entirely different training methods and trying out other dog sports.  I spend a lot of time researching pet products for my own dogs so I figured it would be amazing to start a blog that ties all my passions together!

(& why you’re here) The dogs:


Camilla is a three year old miniature schnauzer or “schnabbit” (schnauzer/rabbit) as I call her because of her ears.  She is one smart and sassy lady!  Camilla started agility classes shortly after her 1st birthday and obtained her Agility Trial Champion of Canada (ATChc) title at just two years old.  Most recently, Camilla won the 2017 BC/Yukon Regional Agility Championship! NATIONALS HERE WE COME!


Jasper is a six year old “miniature” Australian Shepherd, who officially joined the family last year.  He is high energy, high drive, and is the sweetest dog!  Jasper is a natural disc dog and we’ve been taking disc classes to one day compete in disc competitions.  He recently auditioned to play “Crab” the dog in the Bard on the Beach production of The Two Gentlemen of Verona.  🙂



Honorary Beachcomber Dog:


Bono is a five year old tabby cat who was found on the side of the road as a sickly kitten.  He is now living the life of luxury and keeps the dogs on their toes!  His hobbies include bird watching, eating, and wrestling with Camilla.